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Meetings are where it all happens – connect with your fellow members, learn more about each others’ businesses, exchange referrals and of course have a great breakfast!

“I can expect to grow my business by 7 to 14 % each year which pays for the membership and we get high a quality breakfast each Thursday.”
Marty Chokany, Pool/Spa Maintenance & Repair Service

Prospective Professional Exchange Network (PEN) members often ask “what’s a PEN Meeting like?

PEN meetings are held at the Mission Viejo Claim Jumper at the corner of Marguerite Parkway and Santa Margarita Parkway (get directions) every Thursday morning (typically, members and guests arrive between 7:15 and 7:30 am). All members and guests are met by that week’s PEN Greeter. PEN members and guests are encouraged to arrive early and enjoy an upscale buffet breakfast, including a variety of breakfast goodies and complimentary coffee and juices.

At 7:45 the meeting is officially called to order by the President. All members and guests stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and country. An opening monologue is then read by the PEN President. He (or she) informs the membership at large of any upcoming news items and current events, as well as thoughtful ideas to enhance and develop future business. The President will also introduce guests who will have an opportunity to speak briefly about themselves and their business to the group.

Then, all members and guests pass their business cards to the left for distribution. Members and guests are encouraged to bring at least 30 cards to ensure that all in attendance will have an opportunity to receive each card.

The President will then introduce the PEN Program Director, who in turn introduces the weekly PEN Speaker, who will have or 10 minutes to detail their business and tell the group about themselves. Only PEN Members in good standing can be a Speaker. After a few questions are answered by the Speaker, last week’s Referral Report is read by the Referral Director.

Following the referral report, the members and guests are granted a 30-second “commercial” to talk about their business. Although all members’ attention is directed to whoever is speaking, leads are constantly being passed from member to member during the meeting. The President then closes the meeting by reminding members to think about how they can refer business to this week’s speaker, and to support the group and members at large.

PEN Members and guests often remain after the meeting to network and discuss the business activity.

Ready to get started? Join us as a guest at our next meeting!

PEN Members come from all over South Orange County to attend business networking meetings, including Mission Viejo, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita, Laguna Hills, and more!

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Professional Exchange Network (PEN) is comprised of Orange County Businesses dedicated to the highest standards of competence, service, and integrity. Each Member of PEN is committed to referring business to other PEN Members. It is like having a Sales Team of over 40 people promoting your business every day

“If you would like a sales team of 40 – 50 other professionals out in the community as an advocate for your business, I would encourage you to visit our PEN group and see what it can do for you.”
Donna Lang Stoffel, Massage Therapist

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