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Whether you’ve been in other business networking groups or if PEN will be your first, you’ll soon realize the benefits of this group and why we are different.

“I can honestly say that joining PEN has been one of the best business and personal decisions that I have ever made.”
Michael J. Conte, Banker

Because you are browsing this website you are probably wondering how to better promote whatever it is you do. If you are a small business owner you likely want to have a steady inflow of business to rely on. You probably would love to have a sales staff of 40 to 50 sales professionals in the field feeding you leads. That’s exactly what you get as a PEN member.

Joining PEN instantly affords you an expanded sales staff that you can mold and train into lead generators to ensure your flow of business. We will open up our meetings to you so that you can see the PEN “family” at work and play. Our meetings are typically vocal, raucous sales meetings complete with laughter and good-natured fun all while building small businesses through networking.

We routinely generate more referrals in one week than other groups do in a month.

It is important to note that membership in PEN limits membership in other networking groups. We want dedicated members that want to “join” our family. So let us buy you breakfast one Thursday morning in the near future so that you can feel and see “the power of PEN.”

Here are some additional “Why PEN” reasons:

  • Professionalism: mix with professionals who have the same concerns as you do. Ask questions and provide answers where your expertise is needed.
  • Exposure: beyond meetings, PEN has a world-class website and professionally printed directory that continually promotes you to the outside world.
  • Leadership: for over 16 years we’ve had solid leadership. Our group has stood the test of time through the ups and downs of various economic cycles.
  • Referrals begetting referrals: the more referrals you give the more you will get. Soon, giving referrals will become easy.
  • Sales meetings and laughter: we like to laugh and we welcome your laughter, too. We want to know what you do and how we can help you do it more profitably. We need motivated small business people who want to grow their businesses.
  • Business mix: the PEN group has strong member representation from all areas including the trades, professions, services, men, women, younger, older, new members, and veteran members alike.
  • Mentoring: upon joining, you will be assigned a mentor who will guide you into a comfortable place and help you make PEN work for you.
  • Productivity: we’re all adults and are all serious about making the most of each meeting. PEN avoids having the myriad of little rules, fines, repetitive meeting procedures, etc. that you’ll often find in other business networking groups. If you’ve visited other groups in Orange County, you’ll quickly see the differences in our meetings.

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us for a meeting!

PEN Members come from all over South Orange County to attend business networking meetings, including Mission Viejo, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita, Laguna Hills, and more!

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Company Information

Professional Exchange Network (PEN) is comprised of Orange County Businesses dedicated to the highest standards of competence, service, and integrity. Each Member of PEN is committed to referring business to other PEN Members. It is like having a Sales Team of over 40 people promoting your business every day

“If you would like a sales team of 40 – 50 other professionals out in the community as an advocate for your business, I would encourage you to visit our PEN group and see what it can do for you.”
Donna Lang Stoffel, Massage Therapist

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